Roofing Debris Removal With No Trucks In Yards / Residential Roofing Replacements

According to a survey done by the GAF roofing materials manufacturer, the number one concern for homeowners when they are having their roof replaced is that their flowers, shrubbery, and landscaping will be protected during the removal of the old roofing materials. Professional roofing contractors that are equipped with the Equipter “Roofers Buggy” equipment certainly have an advantage over other contractors. Hiring a roofer that can offer a New Roof With No Mess is a wise choice and assures homeowners that their money will not be wasted on unnecessary clean up costs.

An average size house roof will need to have several tons of roofing materials removed before a new roof can be installed. Without the proper roofing equipment the roof debris removal process can be very messy and time consuming. At times contractors will drive roofing dump trucks through lawns or place dumpsters at inconvenient places to collect the shingles debris. Lawns, flowers, and shrubbery can easily be damaged and can be quite costly to replace. Nails are also a big problem and can cause flat tires and be a danger to personnel or homeowners pets. Homeowners in need of a house roof replacement now have the choice to hire a roofing company that has State-of-the-Art roofing equipment for the removal of the roofing debris before a new roof can be installed. The Equipter roofing equipment was specifically designed for residential roofing and enables residential contractors to remove and collect the asphalt shingle debris very efficiently as they prepare for the new roof installation.

Roofing Equipment / Debris Removal In Preparation For a New Roof

The Equipter "Roofers Buggy" is a self-propelled roofing dump trailer and was specifically designed to remove asphalt shingle debris.
To prepare for a house roof replacement there will usually need to be several tons of roofing debris removed before a new roof can be installed. At times a roof will need to have more then one layer of roofing materials removed in preparation for a new roof. Roofing equipment such as the Equipter "Roofers Buggy" greatly enhance the roofing contractors ability to remove shingle debris.

Shingle Debris Disposal

Asphalt shingle debris is usually disposed of at landfills however in the recent years in some areas asphalt shingles can be recycled and used for road asphalt.

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