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B&E Roofing is proud to be one of the professional contractors in America that offers homeowners a New Roof with No Mess by utilizing state-of-the-art roofing tools and equipment. If you are a homeowner in need of a roof replacement, Call B&E Roofing company PA, and ask for the Equipter “Roofers Buggy”.

The Equipter Roofers Buggy was designed for residential roofing companies and has many features to help protect flower beds, shrubbery and landscaping. It's container can be placed overtop of shrubbery and flower beds. B&E roofers in Lancaster, PA were the inventors and are proud to say we are the first to own and operate the Equipter – Roofer’s Buggy.

  • It's self-propelled (No heavy roofing trucks on lawns)
  • It's compact allowing it to go most anywhere
  • It has wide tires to prevent tracks in lawns
  • Its lid opens, almost doubling the debris catch area

Without the Roofers Buggy most times the debris and old materials have been thrown to the ground and then manually picked up to be put into a disposal container. At times a roofing dump truck, roofing trailer or dumpster has been placed adjacent to the building and attempted to throw the material from the roof into the container; these methods have caused damage to lawns, shrubs or fences by falling roof debris or by the roofing vehicles themselves. For A New Roof With No Mess, The Equipter Roofers Buggy Is Very Beneficial & Essential

We are GAF Certified and we install lifetime Warranty GAF shingles

Equipter Roofers Buggy


“When we think of your company I am reminded of the marketing Slogan "Promises Made, Promises Kept"! Amos, Ron and his crew did an excellent job. Thanks for your service and a job well done. It was an excellent example of a business doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.”

Randy Rittle, Lancaster, PA

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